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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whats's my Score?

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  Surprisingly this question is asked quite often. I know for a fact that I have asked it a least a hundred times in the last year. Why you may ask? Because it is perhaps the most important score you could ever have. And the higher the better! Now don't get me wrong here, I am not the finance guy at your bank or the car dealer that frowns at you with an evil smile because your credit score is not an 850. Or the mortgage lender who asks you to give up your first born for that house of your dreams. I am just a regular ol' joe smo like you. I was born to a regular hard-working family in a rather picture-perfect environment with a semi-non struggling economy. But, today however presents many different challenges and obstacles that we must face daily. Hmmm I wonder what the future will hold??

So in order to stay on top of things, there are different tools out there to our disposal. One being this really innovative website called Free Credit Report . Com. Now I am sure at least one person is singing the song from the ever so popular commercial. It's a catchy tune! I sing it every time I go to the site. I must say that whoever came up with the concept is a very smart and witty individual. It got me hooked! When I first saw the commercial I was somewhat skeptical of the actual freeness. I was also skeptical of the way the site was marketed. Who would have known that it would be my financial miracle maker.

This purpose of the site is to offer you your once-a-year credit report from all three credit bureaus. It then offers you a monthly fee to monitor your credit monthly in order to keep you updated. The site usually works with Experian, which is one of the major credit bureaus. Once you view your yearly free report, you have the option through-out the year to pay a reasonable fee to view your report from all three credit bureaus. The other two are Equifax and Trans South. I for one was somewhat overwhelmed by the inflow of information provided to me at first. But as I gained knowledge of the concept I was good to go.

To keep things in order here, I am not an employee of this site nor am I a paid affiliate. These are my personal experiences. And I must say that this site has truely assisted me with understanding the concept of credit and how important it is to daily life. This company has strived to ensure that no matter what I do in my life, I will always have access to the information that at one moment was only disclosed to banks and finance companies. So to you Mr. Finance Manager. HA! Kudos to you Free Credit Report . Com for making my life easier and interesting. To my fellow readers and bloggers, give this site a go! Trust me, you will not regret it! "FRREEEEE CCRRREEDDIITT REPORT DDOOOTTTT COOOMMM"

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