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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whats's my Score?

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  Surprisingly this question is asked quite often. I know for a fact that I have asked it a least a hundred times in the last year. Why you may ask? Because it is perhaps the most important score you could ever have. And the higher the better! Now don't get me wrong here, I am not the finance guy at your bank or the car dealer that frowns at you with an evil smile because your credit score is not an 850. Or the mortgage lender who asks you to give up your first born for that house of your dreams. I am just a regular ol' joe smo like you. I was born to a regular hard-working family in a rather picture-perfect environment with a semi-non struggling economy. But, today however presents many different challenges and obstacles that we must face daily. Hmmm I wonder what the future will hold??

So in order to stay on top of things, there are different tools out there to our disposal. One being this really innovative website called Free Credit Report . Com. Now I am sure at least one person is singing the song from the ever so popular commercial. It's a catchy tune! I sing it every time I go to the site. I must say that whoever came up with the concept is a very smart and witty individual. It got me hooked! When I first saw the commercial I was somewhat skeptical of the actual freeness. I was also skeptical of the way the site was marketed. Who would have known that it would be my financial miracle maker.

This purpose of the site is to offer you your once-a-year credit report from all three credit bureaus. It then offers you a monthly fee to monitor your credit monthly in order to keep you updated. The site usually works with Experian, which is one of the major credit bureaus. Once you view your yearly free report, you have the option through-out the year to pay a reasonable fee to view your report from all three credit bureaus. The other two are Equifax and Trans South. I for one was somewhat overwhelmed by the inflow of information provided to me at first. But as I gained knowledge of the concept I was good to go.

To keep things in order here, I am not an employee of this site nor am I a paid affiliate. These are my personal experiences. And I must say that this site has truely assisted me with understanding the concept of credit and how important it is to daily life. This company has strived to ensure that no matter what I do in my life, I will always have access to the information that at one moment was only disclosed to banks and finance companies. So to you Mr. Finance Manager. HA! Kudos to you Free Credit Report . Com for making my life easier and interesting. To my fellow readers and bloggers, give this site a go! Trust me, you will not regret it! "FRREEEEE CCRRREEDDIITT REPORT DDOOOTTTT COOOMMM"

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Monday, August 9, 2010





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Free Credit Report . Com  Review

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Capital One Saves the Day!!

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Standing at the counter , clenching my pocket hoping the total of my items does not exceed the value of my bank account. The cashier smiles at me with a look of excitement because she knows that she is going to get an interesting reaction out of me. As the total comes across the display I grin like a child who just heard the ice cream truck. I then decide to pull out my Capital One Credit Card. The look on the cashier's face was priceless. I figure the chance of a break room story of the guy who had no money has just diminished from her mind.  I pulled out that gleaming plastic that adorns a custom image on it and swiped it through the card machine.  The word "approved" followed as it always does and I was satisfied once again.

         Now you may be asking yourself, "What is so special about the credit card?".  Well I'm going to tell you. It is a card that pays you back a percentage of what you spend.  It is a card that stops barbarians from from attacking you while asking, " What's in your wallet?!?".  Its the Capital One "No Hassle" Credit Card.  I must say that it is a pretty interesting concept.  I mean I find myself using my card to to see what reward I receive in return.  It may be $.01 or $1.00.  The anticipation is like waiting on my payroll check on Wednesdays!  Now I have to be honest and mention to you that interest rate is......are you ready for this?.....0.0%.   I know I didn't believe it at first when I saw it either!  We all know that the interest rate is based off your credit, so it does vary person to person. 

          So now when I go in to a store and reach for my bank card, I pause and ponder.........Hmm Is there money in my bank account?  I am sure there is, but the bank will not pay me to use my card.  Capital One will!!  Kudos to you Capital One, for making dreams come true.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The New Gillette Fusion Pro Glide

The best a man can get?Image by rutty via Flickr
            Sitting on my couch watching the ever-so-clear Dish Network,(mentioned  in a earlier blog), a commercial came across the screen with a guy in a towel standing at a mirror.  Whoa!, ladies, he had on shaving cream and was being yelled at by a famous wrestler.  I was oddly interested in the product due to the fact that I just had to know what the next big thing in shaving would be.  Introducing the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide!!  A smooth new innovative razor that promises to glide across the face as hair is being cut.  Hence the name Pro Glide.  The guy in the commercial explains that the new razor has thinner blades then previous Fusion blades.  I as every other guy out there that uses blades, began to question the validity of this claim that it will not nick our facial hair while shaving.  Please let this work!  Going to work with pieces of toilet paper on my face is rather embarrassing.

           So off to the store I go.  I mean my face was more excited then I was.  You would have thought my face had a job and made money and just took me a long for the ride.  As I turned down the aisle, I anticipated a famous wrestler to yell at me and force me to buy this marvel of shaving men everywhere.  Instead I just saw the razor wrapped in so much security , you would have thought it was made of pure gold.
I received the razor from a store employee who had to unlock it from the jaws of shoplifter proof locks.  As it graced my hands and fingers, I could feel the power of a close shave coarse through my fingers.  I could not wait to return home and take the PRO GLIDE CHALLENGE!!!

                My first shave was a very uneventful one.  I thought the hair on my face would hide from the super sharp and thin blades.  Instead my face gave this razor one heck of a challenge.  It felt as though i was using any other Gillette Fusion razor. Not too much of a difference.  I wasn't totally distraught by my experience though.  I did look rather sharp once the shaving had ended.  I think my anticipation of the results from this razor was quite much.  I will be not using it regularly, and do not plan on paying the expensive refill price.  I find myself shaving now still waiting for that famous wrestler to come in and yell.  I guess not huh? Oh well.

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              Ok so you guys may be thinking I went loco with the ad banner! I actually have been searching for ways to make a little extra cash on the side on the internet. I have searched far and wide. I mean so far, I think I could invent Ebay and redo it so that it could be a free service instead of a paid site. You may be thinking to yourself that this sounds like one of those get rich quick schemes. I promise to you that it is not. You can make money, just not millions in a month. Just like a regular job, it takes hard work and effort.

On to the site! I found a site that says it will pay you for clicking ads. It also says that if you refer people, then you get a benefit when they click on ads too. So this sounded very interesting to me. So I signed up. It was free and I started clicking ads immediately. I promise to you that if I didn't make a cent I would not be telling you about this. I hate scams and CEO's making millions off of the demise of normal Joes like you and myself.

I know must warn you that the potential for income is possible. However with very little effort, you could at least make a few dollars a week starting out. I have made a few dollars in one day. i started doing it earlier today. I think its pretty cool. Yet again I would not promote a site that I didn't first use myself. Check it out for yourself. The potential for making serious money is possible. Just takes work on your part.

Check it out HERE

Click the link and click on "Forums" and see what other people are saying!
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