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Friday, July 30, 2010

Dish Network and Me

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Hello again all! This session will contain my personal entertainment experiences with the nationally known television satellite company , Dish Network. First of let me start by saying that I am not just a general fan of this particular company and that my views and opinions are based on my current experience with their service.

So I just moved in to my current location a few months ago and had the wonderful thoughts of how I was going to fill in my television with random situations of laughter and drama. I needed a service that first did not break the bank and secondly was a painless install and easy to use interface. So I called up Dish Network and immediately noticed how professional they were and how many options were available to me. Once my order was placed it took about 2-3 days for the install guy to arrive.

Here I am 2-3 Days later anticipating a big white van with the words "Dish Network" displayed on the side. And what did I see? A white Pickup Truck with a huge ladder and muddy tires. It looked like this truck had seen better days transporting gallons of paint or bags of tools to guys on construction sites across America. Long story short, The installer was very polite and extremely informative. He worked quickly and efficiently. Kudos to Dish Network for hiring good contractors!

Now on to the service. The 100+ channels I received has really earned the money spent monthly. However, I have found myself wanting more! Like 200-300+ channels. The picture is so clear precise. I can not imagine not having any sort of satellite or cable as home entertainment.

My only cons about Dish Network is the service lacks the same thing as Direct TV and other satellite companies. The ability to keep the programming on when there in a storm outside. Even when I had cable I was told that storms were not a problem and got fooled when I missed who kissed who on "The Real World New Orleans", due to a storm.

So all in all I am a very satisfied customer Dish Network! Keep up the good work!

If you are wondering which service you should choose, Dish Network of Direct TV?, check out this interesting read!

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Motorola Droid Review

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This is my initial review of the Motorola Droid Smartphone by Verizon.

First things first, This phone is amazing. There are quite many Android devices out now. I believe this phone stands at the forefront. I am not just saying that because I currently have it. Check out this article about the jump in sales of the Droid for Verizon Wireless!

This phone is my do all device. I could not ask for more in a phone/mimi computer. Now there are nwer versions of the Droid out in the market. The Motorola Droid X and Droid 2. I have personally asked Verizon for there input on the both phones. The Droid X is almost nearing extinction. Whereas the Droid 2 is still somewhat unheard of. I think Verizon is keeping that one hush hush! But we shall see soon enough! At the current time my "ol fashioned" Droid will do the trick! Please continue to impress me Motorola!
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First mini blog of the Motorola Droid

Now this is really awesome. Blogging on the go. Now I won't miss a beat. I hope you guys are ready.

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It has been quite some time since I have wrote in my blog. Well a lot has changed in my life since then. I am back from Iraq and working full time at the job I had beofre I left. I am feeling somewhat wierd though. I mean I am healthy and all but every since I turned 29 years old, I look at things in a whole new perspective. It is so wierd.

Its like before I turned 29, I saw things for what they were. I hardly ever looked too deeply into things. Now I am not satisfied unless I dig deep in to every aspect of my life. I wonder if age has anything to do with it. Who knows. I am happy to still be here and posess the knowledge to have just interesting and deep thoughts. I now must come up with an interesting and intriguing blog for the masses. Hmmm Whatshould I write about. Maybe my experiences as a Law Enforcement Officer. Now that could get real interesting. I'm not big on politics. But I do have my opinions.

Maybe I could give advice on how to ride a bike or clean a house or drive a car. LOL I am sure that there have been many others who have done the same already. I do think that talking about my career and how a person could get started in it and how they could lose in it, would be an awesome topic. What do ya think? I may give it a shot. Who knows what may come out of this head of mine. Well hopefully my next Blog will be more interesting. See ya!