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Thursday, August 5, 2010 Hmmm Interesting!!!!

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              Ok so you guys may be thinking I went loco with the ad banner! I actually have been searching for ways to make a little extra cash on the side on the internet. I have searched far and wide. I mean so far, I think I could invent Ebay and redo it so that it could be a free service instead of a paid site. You may be thinking to yourself that this sounds like one of those get rich quick schemes. I promise to you that it is not. You can make money, just not millions in a month. Just like a regular job, it takes hard work and effort.

On to the site! I found a site that says it will pay you for clicking ads. It also says that if you refer people, then you get a benefit when they click on ads too. So this sounded very interesting to me. So I signed up. It was free and I started clicking ads immediately. I promise to you that if I didn't make a cent I would not be telling you about this. I hate scams and CEO's making millions off of the demise of normal Joes like you and myself.

I know must warn you that the potential for income is possible. However with very little effort, you could at least make a few dollars a week starting out. I have made a few dollars in one day. i started doing it earlier today. I think its pretty cool. Yet again I would not promote a site that I didn't first use myself. Check it out for yourself. The potential for making serious money is possible. Just takes work on your part.

Check it out HERE

Click the link and click on "Forums" and see what other people are saying!
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