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Monday, March 2, 2009

The Real Intro

Hello everyone out there in the world.  I'm JL.  I'm 27 years old and just a regular guy from the eastcoast.  Well....I gues I'm not too regular.  Lets see......I'm in the Army National Guard and I work in law enforcement.  I'm currently in Mississippi right now going through some training in order to deploy to Iraq soon.(Not by choice ofcourse and for the second time)  So my days here currently are filled with the constant repetitive cycle that the military has to offer.  I sit here on my bunk, which is a metal-framed bunkbed, and hear the constant war stories which usually precede the night-at-the-bar-the-night-before stories.  You can never hear enough of those.  I usually just grin and bare it and give out an occasional head shake or nod in aggrement.  Lord forbid if I disaggree. Ha!  I'm just about surrounded by people who feel like having a tally on how many beers they drank or how many women they play makes them a "cool" person.  

I'm mean don't get me wrong, I have been there done that when it comes to being the "cool" person.  I guess I'm now in that part of my life where I want more weight.  In other words, quality over quanity.  But in order not to make my first blog seem like an endless rant, I shall change the subject. Iraq.  Oh boy I can't wait!(My sarcasm amuses me).  In all honesty I rather stay home and work on my current fresh relationaship and serve the people of my local town then serve the people of a place that would rather see me blown up.  Now you may be thinking that I feel this way about Iraq in general.......I don't.  I have actually seen first-hand, the benefits of being there.  I've seen the disadvantages also.  I try not to get into the blame game when it comes to that topic.  I'm not very political.  Then again I just choose not to be. time is being cut short.  I figured I would have a day of relaxation and solitude.  But yet again some under paid high-ranking official has business that I must attend to.  I shall return.