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Friday, August 6, 2010

Capital One Saves the Day!!

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Standing at the counter , clenching my pocket hoping the total of my items does not exceed the value of my bank account. The cashier smiles at me with a look of excitement because she knows that she is going to get an interesting reaction out of me. As the total comes across the display I grin like a child who just heard the ice cream truck. I then decide to pull out my Capital One Credit Card. The look on the cashier's face was priceless. I figure the chance of a break room story of the guy who had no money has just diminished from her mind.  I pulled out that gleaming plastic that adorns a custom image on it and swiped it through the card machine.  The word "approved" followed as it always does and I was satisfied once again.

         Now you may be asking yourself, "What is so special about the credit card?".  Well I'm going to tell you. It is a card that pays you back a percentage of what you spend.  It is a card that stops barbarians from from attacking you while asking, " What's in your wallet?!?".  Its the Capital One "No Hassle" Credit Card.  I must say that it is a pretty interesting concept.  I mean I find myself using my card to to see what reward I receive in return.  It may be $.01 or $1.00.  The anticipation is like waiting on my payroll check on Wednesdays!  Now I have to be honest and mention to you that interest rate is......are you ready for this?.....0.0%.   I know I didn't believe it at first when I saw it either!  We all know that the interest rate is based off your credit, so it does vary person to person. 

          So now when I go in to a store and reach for my bank card, I pause and ponder.........Hmm Is there money in my bank account?  I am sure there is, but the bank will not pay me to use my card.  Capital One will!!  Kudos to you Capital One, for making dreams come true.

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